Things Elderly People Should Know About Keeping Their Spines And Muscles Healthy

24 August 2017
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People are prone to suffering falls as they grow older, and that's because their spine health becomes impaired. It's part of the aging process, but you can avoid this problem. If you've been active all your life and regularly exercise, it's less likely that you will suffer dangerous falls. Your muscles will be strong, and they'll withstand a fall. Your brain and your muscles work hand in hand to break or resist a fall with your outstretched hands. Breaking the fall keeps your head off a concrete surface and spares you a devastating brain injury. There are things you should know about keeping your spine and muscles healthy.

Muscles Rely on a Healthy Spine and Exercise Routine

Your muscles are strong when they can rely on a stable and healthy spine that they are attached to. Additionally, there is hardly any other treatment that beats the improvement of your spine and your muscles than a routine daily dose of sensible strengthening exercises. Make sure to tell your spinal care doctor about balancing troubles you are experiencing.

Have Balancing Problems Addressed

Your physician needs to know if you're having trouble with proper balancing when you are walking. Discuss this issue with your primary care physician before you go on extended daily walks. You may be required to undergo a bone density test.

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Physical therapy evaluation determines what type of program is appropriate for your condition as a preventative measure. Results of the evaluation also aid the therapist in designing a suitable exercise program for lower back pain and other spinal disorders you may be having. Strengthening exercises are important.

Best Exercises For The Elderly

You need exercises that will increase your bone mass and improve your balance. Remember that you lose bone mass as you age. So performing strengthening exercises builds up bone mass and strength in your hip area. That's an area of the body that you may have trouble with. Strengthened muscles reduce your chances of falling when you get up from a seated position.

Daily Walking Exercises

Walking daily is one of the best forms of exercise. When you visit your local mall, make time for a lengthy walk. You can also go to a local "Y" and enjoy a walk around the track in the outdoors. If you want to use weights while walking, be sure to have your physical therapist or spine health specialist recommend a weight that is suitable for you to use.