Should You See An Orthopedic Specialist Following Bone Repair Surgery?

24 June 2020
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Having a bone repaired after an accident or other situation, such as being born with a bone deformity, often means that the condition is improved and leads to a better quality of life. However, an orthopedic specialist may be required to assist in the follow-up recovery after you've had a bone repair surgery done. You can be referred to an orthopedic specialist after your orthopedic services have been completed and further care has been recommended, or if you feel that you are in need of better care following your surgical intervention.

Any questions you have about the healing process of your bone repair surgery should be brought to the attention of the surgeon or doctor in charge of your case. Here are signs you may need to see an orthopedic specialist following your bone repair surgery.

Your pain is worsening

Your bones should heal following a bone repair surgery and cause you no increasing pain, however, if a bone is healing improperly or you have had nerves and muscle tissue also affected as part of the bone break and repair, worsening or new pain can happen. If this pain is also accompanied by inflammation and reduced mobility of the bone and surrounding tissues, then asking for a referral to an orthopedic specialist may be necessary.

Your bone repair requires more surgery

Sometimes a bone repair surgery has to be done in stages, to help bones heal in some areas and be repaired with pins and traction in others. Any extensive or further treatment you need for your bone repair may mean you need orthopedic services in the form of an orthopedic specialist who can best meet your needs.

Your bone repair has healed improperly

While a bone repair can be expected to have great results, the healing of the bone itself can be challenged in more than one way. Depending on how well the bone is cared for following surgery, the type of surgery involved, where the bone repair was done, and other factors, the bone itself may not heal as easily as it might with an orthopedic specialist. Your surgeon will be able to tell right away if your bone repair requires further intervention and can help you get the relief you need. Your doctor may refer you to an orthopedic specialist as part of your recovery plan. Your orthopedic specialist will go over your medical history and current healing results to determine what intervention is best.

For further information, reach out to local orthopedic services.