Orthotics Tips For People Who Work On Their Feet

29 September 2020
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If you spend all day standing or walking, then it is a good idea to wear orthotic inserts inside your shoes. These orthotics will support your feet and help reduce the amount of pain and soreness you experience. However, using orthotics is not always as straightforward as you might think. The following tips will help you use them more effectively.

Don't neglect shoe fit.

Some people assume that as long as they are wearing orthotics, they can get away with wearing cheap or poorly fitting shoes. But this is not the case. Orthotics don't correct poor shoe fit. They simply make well-fitting shoes fit even better and offer support that no pair of shoes can really offer on its own. Even with orthotics, as someone who works on their feet, it is important for you to visit a shoe store, get fitted for shoes, and buy well-made shoes from a reputable brand.

Buy orthotics that you can trim to fit your shoes.

It's really hard to find off-the-shelf orthotics that fit perfectly inside a shoe. If an orthotic is a little shorter than the shoe, then you may develop pressure points where the orthotic ends. And if an orthotic is too large, it might curl up inside your shoe and rub. The best style of orthotics is therefore the type that you can cut, with basic scissors, to fit precisely inside your shoe.

Give yourself time to adapt to new orthotics.

When you first start using orthotics, do not just stick them inside your shoes and wear then all day. Even though orthotics are good for your feet, it may take your feet a little time to adapt to the new way you stand and walk when wearing those orthotics. So start slow. Wear the orthotics just until lunch the first few days, and then take them out. After a week, you can wear them all day.

Buy two pairs so you can rotate.

If possible, you should buy two pairs of orthotics. Actually, it is ideal to buy two pairs of work shoes, too. This way, you can rotate between pairs, which gives your shoes and orthotics more time to dry between uses. This can help prevent fungal infections and blisters, which are common issues for people who work on their feet.

With the tips above, you can better use orthotics to your advantage. They're an excellent tool for anyone whose feet are put under a lot of stress. For more information about orthotics, visit an orthotics specialist such as Bio  Tech Prosthetics and Orthotics.