Why Claims Adjusters Should Work With Independent Medical Evaluators

21 December 2021
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Investigating and settling insurance claims is a tough job with a lot of responsibility. You must ensure that any claims you settle are fair or everyone involved, which sometimes means having to verify injuries and health conditions to determine how much a case is worth. Working with an independent medical evaluator can make the job a little easier and a lot less stressful. Here's how:

Verify Established Findings

Chances are that the injured party has already had a medical evaluation done by their doctor, but it is important to verify the findings of the evaluation to ensure that they are accurate. The best way to verify the established findings is to work with an independent medical evaluator who has no affiliation with either the insurance company or the insured party.

This will help ensure that the independent evaluation is not based on anything but the facts. After providing you with their own evaluation, you can compare it to any other evaluations that have been done and compare the results. The results should be similar, otherwise, you know that you will have to do more investigating to get to the truth. Doing more digging is better than relying on an inaccurate evaluation to base your insurance valuations on.

Ease the Minds of Both Parties

Working with an independent medical evaluator is a great way to ease the minds of both the insurance provider and the insured party when it comes time to offer a valuation on the claim. The insurance provider will know that you did your due diligence on their behalf to make sure that the insured party's doctor did not exaggerate any injuries or illnesses.

The insured party will be happy to know that you got a second opinion to help verify their claims about the injuries or illness that they have incurred. Each party will have peace of mind and be less likely to resist your adjustments.

Maintain a Professional and Unbiased Stance

Another way working with an independent medical evaluator can benefit you is it can help to establish your professional and unbiased stance. You do not want any party that you work with to feel like you are more on one side than another. You should always be impartial and working with independent service providers is one effective way to prove that you do so.

You can even choose independent providers that both parties agree on ahead of time. That way, everyone has an opportunity to vet the service provider beforehand and will not have reason to question their findings afterward.

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